Edited by S. Gruß, I. Habermann, L. Krämer, G.Sedlmayr and C.-U. Viol

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Current Issue (Vol. 24, 2/2017) 

British Temporalities:
The Times of Culture and the Cultures of Time

(guest editor: Ralf Schneider)



  • Ralf Schneider, 'Time and the Study of British Cultures: An Introduction'
  • Dorothea Flothow, 'Time in the Restoration Period: "Chronotypes" and "Temporal Communities"'
  • Ellen Grünkemeier, 'The Dominant Conceptualisation of Time: The Clock Begins to Tick in Industrial Capitalist England'
  • Georgia Christinidis, 'The Temporality of Neoliberal Coming-of-Age Narratives'
  • Christoph Singer, 'The Temporalities of British Detention: Chronic Waiting at the Colnbrook Detention Centre'
  • Mark Schmitt, 'Beyond the Future: Crisis and Precarious Temporality in Post-Capitalist Discourse'

Books Reviewed:

  • Joel Burges & Amy J. Elias, eds. (2016), Time: A Vocabulary of the Present
  • Zeno Ackermann (2015), Gedächtnis-Fiktionen: Mediale Erinnerungsfiguren und literarischer Eigensinn in britischen Romanen  zum Zweiten Weltkrieg
  • Anette Pankratz & Claus-Ulrich Viol, eds. (2017), (Un)Making the Monarchy
  • Jürgen Kramer & Claus-Ulrich Viol, eds. (2017), Psychoanalysis in Cultural Studies – Positions, Perspectives and Proposals
  • Oliver von Knebel Doeberitz & Ralf Schneider, eds. (2017), London Post-2010 in British Literature and Culture
  • Thomas Kühn & Robert Troschitz, eds. (2017), Populärkultur: Perspektiven und Analysen

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