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Universität Leipzig
Institut für Anglistik
Kulturstudien Großbritanniens
Professor Dr. Joachim Schwend
Dr. Dietmar Böhnke

14th British Cultural Studies Conference

November 20th to 22nd 2003

Universität Leipzig, Institut für Anglistik

Call for papers

The theme of this year’s conference in Leipzig will be:

Consumption and Consumer Cultures (programme)

The papers should deal with questions of consumption and consumer cultures, with reference to brand names and the significance of brands.

What does the present society of the British Isles look like as far as consumer cultures are concerned? How are the nations of the British Isles selling themselves? Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England as brands? What is the iconography that is being used and where does the transatlantic influence come in?
Are we what we wear and eat and do we make moral or political statements when we shop? Is our consumption an act of aesthetic appreciation, a duty to the nation or a protest? Is there such a thing as cultural imperialism? Do we have a choice? Are we “born to shop”?

? The organisers of the conference are looking forward to suggestions for papers dealing with the questions listed above and closely related issues.
? If you want to offer a paper or attend the conference please contact one of the organisers at the addresses given below.
? Suggestions for papers with a synopsis of a maximum of 250 words should be sent not later than April 15th 2003. Please send your synopsis both as a hard copy and by e-mail.
? For further information keep an eye on the website of the Institut für Anglistik, Kulturstudien Großbritanniens: http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~angl/cult/index.htm.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwend Dr. Dietmar Böhnke, M.A.
Universität Leipzig Universität Leipzig
Institut für Anglistik Institut für Anglistik
Beethovenstr. 15 Beethovenstr. 15
D-04107 Leipzig D-04107 Leipzig
E-Mail: schwend@uni-leipzig.de E-Mail: dboehnke@uni-leipzig.de